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Not Happy with your Smile? Visit a Cosmetic Dentist!

Do you cringe when you smile? Perhaps you avoid smiling all together because you do not like the look of your teeth. A cosmetic dentist has many treatment options that can have you smiling like never before. Regardless of the condition of your current teeth, it is worth your time to have a consultation completed so that you know what your options are. Here are a few of the most popular elective procedures performed.

One of the most common complaints from patients is dingy or yellowing teeth. Your cosmetic dentist will be able to whiten and brighten your smile, often in just a few visits. Various applications are used to achieve a whiter smile, and the options available to you will be discussed at your consultation.

Another common complaint is gaps in the teeth. Some of these gaps are genetic (you are born with the problem) and some of them happen as a result of lost or damaged teeth. In either situation, there are procedures that can minimize or eliminate the gap and improve the look of your smile. Sometimes the gap shows the need for orthodontia, and other times it can be corrected with the help of tooth bonding.

If you have large, awkward spaces in your mouth that are the result of missing teeth, your cosmetic dentist may be able to provide you with some sort of prosthetic to improve your look. Sometimes a bridge is necessary to fill in the space. A bridge is the implement used to hold the new tooth in place. In cases where several teeth are missing, your cosmetic dentist may provide you with a partial replacement.

Sometimes tooth problems and decay issues are so severe that the teeth may need severe treatment. In these cases, your doctor will have to do a full and complete evaluation to find the best course of action. Unfortunately, most of the elective procedures that are offered are not covered by insurance. You will need to work out the financing with the office prior to any work being completed. Many dentists will allow you to pay in installments in an effort to make your treatments more affordable. If you are able to pay cash, some will offer a discount if the entire amount is paid in one lump sum. This eliminates billing costs, and many offices are happy to pass the savings on to you.

If you are considering any type of treatments along this line, it is important to find a reputable cosmetic dentist to perform the work. The best place to search for a reputable cosmetic dentist is online on dental informational portals such as eDental Direct where you can learn everything about different procedures, options or pricing when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. For more information read more about E Dental Direct. It is important not to neglect your oral health during elective procedures, so make sure you are still going in for your semi-annual checkups!

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